$550 million in health care in the Midwest

Not a bad number–and some private companies don’t even talk about how much money their financing efforts garner.

“Based on reported financings, Minnesota, Ohio and Missouri are top-ranked in the Midwest, with respective totals of $151 million, $86 million, and $80 million invested. Those states were followed by Michigan ($53 million), Wisconsin ($39 million), Illinois ($39 million), Indiana ($23 million), and Kentucky ($19 million). In addition, Western Pennsylvania attracted $58 million in financing. In Iowa, Kansas, and West Virginia, no health care sector investments were reported.”

And now, one of the classic competitor city pairs, Cleveland (the Browns) and Pittsburgh (the Steelers), are actually starting to be referred to as a “tech belt” of sorts. According to BioEnterprise, the nonprofit group dedicated to furthering Ohio as a bioscience center, their 2-hour distance from each other and their solid performance in attracting health care companies qualifies them as a small corridor.

With the unending discoveries and the vast potential of modern scientific endeavors, just as with Silicon Valley and technology, we’ll likely see no end in sight for growth in these industries.