Brain imaging invents new science: Neuroeconomics

Yes, it’s been thought, said, and demonstrated for most of history that people make decisions emotionally rather than rationally. Now hard scientific evidence behind the theory is facilitating a new science called neuroeconomics–studying how actions and reactions of the human mind affect the economy.

It’s always fascinating when science comes up with cold facts to back up popular theories. In this case, professional sales trainers and successful salespeople have known this since long before the age of snake oil. Perceptive men and women have always learned quickly that they could exercise some influence on the direction of events by addressing their partners’ emotions.

Using “win” or “lose” in the instructions generated dramatically different reactions. All responses showed emotional biases even though participants had been told ahead of time that statistically there could be no difference in the results for either decision they could make.

I found the link to this story on the Heartmath newsletter. (I’ve written before about Heartmath here.) Their Freeze-Framer feedback system helps you get your heart into what they call “coherence”–a condition that’s dramatically positive for your health, your creativity, and your frame of mind. Bless them for their hard scientific proof that positive emotions are powerful forces for good, for creativity, and for success in all endeavors.