Eating humble pie on low-fat diets

I hate when that happens, don’t you? When somebody runs a study–a huge, long-term, well-funded study–that makes a liar out of me for what I’ve been telling people for years?

Apparently, such a study (with nearly 50,000 subject, 8 years in the making) concluded recently has definitively determined that low-fat diets are not protective against heart disease or several cancers. This reminds me of the time my dad was told he could no longer eat eggs for breakfast after his open-heart surgery–and oh, what cruel and unusual punishment that was for this burly, hard-working, oatmeal’n’eggs’n’bacon-lovin’ man…only to be told after 7 long years of suffering and denial that, well, “they” didn’t think maybe cholesterol was all that they had been making it out to be.

You know, the same thing happened to dad with the Catholic Church. He lost his faith for a while after they announced that doing something that had been condemning people to hell for centuries–eating meat on Friday–was no longer a mortal sin. “Make a fool out of a man,” he said.

So, hey, just take what your doctors tell you with a grain of salt. We may find lots of other things that seem unnatural (how do you like eating your meals with absolutely no fat?) aren’t really all that beneficial for you either.