Encouraging news: $5.8 million to fight lifestyle issues

The CDCP (now tellingly known as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) have awarded St. Louis University’s School of Public Health millions to examine chronic health issues like “OBESITY, SMOKING, NUTRITION, EXERCISE, HEALTH, WELLNESS, FLU, and CANCER.”

My first reaction is, hallelujah! This makes so much sense: to look at helping people change the lifestyle factors that so influence our human health and wellness. It’s going to be a long struggle to find out how to affect how people make choices–which has so much, if not everything, to do with emotional health–but it’s so the right place to look. And if the project takes full advantage of the discoveries of quantum physics about energy and thought and of the Candace Pert discoveries about emotions and neuropeptides, chances are great that truly meaningful progress will be made.

My second reaction is, holy mackerel, what a drop in the bucket $5.8 million is for a work of such vast scope. BUT I guess that means other schools of health in other locations and perhaps some public companies may be able to tap into this kind of funding, too. It’s an amazing, exciting time to be a scientist or researcher or doctor or bioscience company owner or employee.

And it’s an amazing time to be alive to see all the miracles that their discoveries and inventions are creating.