Genome scientists have a sense of humor

Well, at least the USA today writer decided to highlight the humor in this article about scientists having at last completed the genetic blueprint of the dog–which, believe it or not, is the same for a Great Dane as for a chihuahua. Besides the fact that dog genes make it very easy to identify DNA areas of disease (which will help investigators learn better how to identify similar areas in humans), there’s this:

“Three-way comparisons between mice, dogs and humans showed that “some genetic features found in humans but not mice aren’t really unique to people, but also appear in dogs… ‘The more species we look at, the more, frankly, we find that humans are not exceptional,'” according to one scientist.

Lessons like this that dog genes are already teaching us fall right along the lines that quantum physics–and the Beatles–have been taking us for more than 20 years: I am you, you are me, and we are one, together.