Herbal help for migraine sufferers

This has been out a couple of months, but my daughter was just diagnosed with migraine headaches, so it caught my eye. An ancient herb called butterbur has been shown to reduce the occurrence of migraine.It’s scientific name is Petasites hybridus root “over 4 months of treatment…migraine attack frequency was reduced by 48% for Petasites extract 75 mg bid.”

Apparently the only side effect for some of the subjects was burping–not a bad price to pay for being able to get out a migraine or two each month.

And the best part is, it’s a natural remedy. I hope the $10,000 honorarium the scientists received from Weber & Weber GmbH & Co. KG, Biologische Arzneimittel, a German pharmaceutical company, doesn’t mean they are going to develop it into a pricey designer drug that we’ll have to pay a fortune for–it’s a natural substance, for heavens’ sake! But maybe they never would have found it if the pharma folks hadn’t supported the research. Sigh. It can be hard on a person to see both sides of the story…

Either way, I pray that our researchers will find many more answers like this.