How to publish your medical/educational book–raise money for your cause

It doesn’t have to cost you fat fees to get your medical/educational book published. All you have to do is, first, have a manuscript that’s worth reading. Then submit it to MedRounds Publications, Inc. They provide editing and graphic design and distribute your book for you through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and a ton of retail outlets. I understand that the company even does some promotion for you–an unusual benefit. And the royalties paid here are much better than you’ll get from a traditional publisher–plus you get major Internet presence for the book in addition to the hard copies.

This service was founded by a physician/neuroscientist/ophthalmologist Andrew Doan, who believes it’s critically important to have “open-access publications,… to serve academic communities, be an advocate for authors, and support philanthropy.” Andrew has this to say:

Why did I start a publishing company? Academic authors get ripped off by publishers. Also, publishers tend to make books out-of-print and do not offer educational texts for the world to use. Knowledge empowers people to grow and improve their situation.

And he doesn’t stop there–he’s also invented a service that lets non-profits, schools and others raise money by inviting their constituents to search and shop through Google as usual–just use the special search page that the software,, generates.

Not a bad day’s work after fulfilling your duties as a physician, Andrew.