Interstate cooperative ventures – marketing is key

Even as tens of states jump into the fray to win the lion’s share of bioscience revenues, it looks like they might actually be working together in a few ways. A North Carolina company came up with the idea of converting old school buses into traveling science labs to educate kids. Now Ohio’s bioscience organizations are hankering to be one of the first customers (after Connecticut’s Bioscience Center and Boston University). The mastermind says “spending a few hours aboard a mobile lab, no matter how high-tech, is hardly enough to start building the kind of work force that bioscience companies need.” But the organization claims the biobus,” as it’s called, makes a great marketing tool.

Seems to be that it’s particularly hard for scientists to admit that marketing is as important to their success as it to any other business. The “pure science” attitude was instilled in them during their studies and it’s hard to drop it now–when as owners of companies they simply can’t pretend it doesn’t matter.

And it’ll be interesting to see whether, even when they admit how important marketing is, they can muster up any respect for the folks who market for a living…