Is keeping to your schedule worth this?

More women are choosing cesarean section (surgical) birth as opposed to vaginal delivery. Why? Often because they just don’t want to disrupt their schedule–somebody can’t take off work, the boss will be on vacation so you can’t be gone, etc. But the risks can be quite serious:

“Some obstetricians say that women are not aware of the risks involved. For mothers, they include hemorrhaging, infections and future pregnancy problems. Babies are at risk for surgical cuts, asthma and breastfeeding difficulties…”

Asthma? That’s a major health problem that can be frightening and incredibly inconvenient at best, and terrifying and life-threatening–even fatal–at worst. And yeah, we can’t predict who will get it and who won’t, but to avoid that one extra risk to your child’s health and life, it’s gotta be worth at least the inconvenience of messing up your schedule.

Sometimes in our modern world we appear to have the cart dragging the horse around…