Needles help mother nature smooth skin

Stick needles into your face and lose your scars and wrinkles. Yes, you read it right. Not surprisingly, the story originates from Miami, one of the U.S.’s most popular vacation/retirement areas, where vanity–and wrinkles–are in abundant supply.

This new medical device punctures your skin with micro-needles to stimulate your body to produce collagen, which then fills in and smooths out the wrinkled and scarred areas. Painless, according to this report, the procedure is giving people dramatic results with few if any side effects. Acne scars seem to respond especially well to this approach.

I always love the medical lingo for things: the Medical Roll-CIT is “a percutaneous collagen channeling device for natural collagen induction therapy.” Okay. The principle behind it is that your body naturally produces collagen in response to injuries (which needles punctures definitely are to your skin). The company claims you can go out in public within 5 days of the procedure.

Hold the doors open, Henrietta. Here come the baby boomers in force to get some o’ that there fountain of youth they finally did discover…