New drug smooths blood pressure spikes

Is it a good thing to smooth blood pressure spikes? Past studies have indicated these spikes may be related to long-term organ damage. So scientists are hoping that a new retin-binding drug that inhibits inflammatory responses and suppresses wide variations in blood pressure over the course of a day may also decrease the risk of end organ damage., though the study doesn’t yield any data on that score. LOTS more trials will have to be conducted.

I’m going to make a bet. I think that one day we are going to discover something–perhaps even find a new way of knowing things, that will mean we’ll be able to intuit the truth about these things much more quickly instead of wandering down one little alley after the other. A discovery not unlike the discoveries made about the substance of the universe by the quantum physicists. A discovery not unlike the “magic” of stem cells. I will be so thrilled if it happens while I’m alive to see it.