On the horizon: A pill to reverse effects of fat-laden eating

It’s not perfected yet, but researchers at Sirtris Pharmaceuticals have discovered a compound that’s reversing the effects of fat-rich diet–at least in mice. And they’re saying it’s 2 to 4 times more effective than the stuff (resveratrol, an SIRT1 activator) in grape skins and red wine–which is credited as one critical factor in the low rates of heart disease among other cultures, especially the French. But work has come far enough along that they’re thinking they may be able to start human clinical trials next year. Diet-In-A-Pill May Be Step Closer.

Putting aside the thought of granting the common American wish to “supersize it” and stay skinny and healthy, the implications for treating diabetes are promising. Results so far indicate the substance reduces insulin levels in mice that are genetically prone to become obese–though not in others. Wow. A powerful diet pill that only works on those who need it. What will they think of next?