Politics dictates "opinion" – is the globe really warming?

It’s really funny to read reports about huge global phenomena that the vast majority of scientists have agreed upon and find various pundits commenting that it’s too early to tell, who knows, this is not definitive evidence, etc. Apparently, they take this position because what appears to be the only solution–requiring wealthy businesses to take an immediate revenue hit by curbing their emissions-producing activities–is something these folks don’t want to be found guilty of.

Let’s take the long view, guys. Do you want your great-grandchildren to have to live in a world that’s regularly so hot they can’t be outside? Can’t we all make a little bit less money for a few years while we invest in finding alternate ways of creating what we need? I worry that we will wait so long before we admit that we must change our ways, that the pollution will grow so serious and the air so bad that we might lose–or even maybe never have–some of those great grandchildren.