Stem cell "miracle cure" gives lessons

Parents of a little boy suffering from a tough but rare bone-marrow-blood disease called Diamond Blackfan anaemia decided to have in vitro fertilization so their doctor could conduct pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and pick the embryo that was a perfect match. Stem cells from the new baby’s umbilical cord have ended his brother’s daily regimen of shots in the stomach and nearly cured his disease.

Interestingly, the British hospital that started the procedure had to transfer the couple to Chicago to complete the work because of their government’s objection to the procedure.

Lesson 1: stem cells are capable of performing incredible transformations.

Lesson 2: Those countries that hesitate to approve these advanced healing techniques–for whatever reasons–are only delaying the inevitable and will lose ground to those that recognize and honor the powerful potential here.

U.S. naysayers, listen well.