Stem cell research controversy causes rifts even in high-profile families

The two sons of former President Ronald Reagan were given opportunities to address presidential conventions. One is in favor:: “Last month, Ron Reagan told Democratic Party loyalists to ‘vote for embryonic stem cell research’ in a speech that touted the unproven research,” quotes this article from The other son will speak to the Republicans and insist that the former president would never have supported it–and that talk of using embryonic research to cure Alzheimer’s is “junk science at its worst.”

It’s tough to see the anger and divisiveness this issue causes. It’s tough to know that no matter how many people object–nor how violently–there will be no stopping this phenomenon. Other countries feel none of the compunctions that many in western countries feel about this. China has already announced (see earlier post) that they fully intend to take advantage of their edge in this area–and are already making big plans.

Birth control. Organ donations. How many other issues since the birth of modern bioscience have caused firestorms of controversy that eventually simply disappeared? How long before we surrender to the inevitable and start regulating the industry?