Study links pesticides and Parkinson's

70% of those exposed to pesticides, even low levels, developed Parkinson’s over a 20-year study. They couldn’t connect any other source such as asbestos, coal dust, exhaust, formaldehyde and radioactive material with the disease.

My dad worked a tiny little farm for the last 20 years of his life, and he tried really hard not to use pesticides (and succeeded with almost every bug and virus, with a lot of help he got by pestering the heck out of the County Extension Agent). On a few creatures such as the Japanese beetles, he tried the most astounding array of efforts to keep them from devouring his grape vines, including things like playing with their mating process. I’ll never forget the day that he, my tough, “I can take anything” dad, showed me a big cloth sack full of those bugs… Even he looked revolted.

I admired my dad’s persistence and patience with battling nature. I realized how grateful we all need to be to those who grow our food. And now it seems they may be paying a higher price than they thought for their occupation. Read more at Science & Technology at Scientific Study Bolsters Link between Pesticides and Parkinson’s