Surgery? Get the info your doc doesn't give you

This is too good not to write up. A new website gives you deep insights into the risks your doctor may forget to tell you about when s/he schedules you for surgery.

The service offers a series of 30-minute videos that illustrate surgeries, from coronary bypass to knee replacements, with step-by-step descriptions of the procedure (boy, I could have used that a few years ago) and the possible aftermath including complications. The producer, Emmi Solutions, says the idea is to reduce the risk of malpractice lawsuits–if you believe that informed patients are happier and less likely to sue (makes sense to me).

The beauty of this from a marketing viewpoint is that we, the people hear about it and want it, and we are going to be the ones calling our doctors and pushing them to subscribe to this service. Talk about a powerful sales technique…