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Promising: Nanoparticles reverse bone loss in mice

Three osteoblast visible at 400x in developing...
Three osteoblast visible at 400x in developing bone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It started out in test tubes. Scientists introduced engineered 50?nm spherical silica nanoparticles into an artificial environment with a view to seeing whether they might help osteoblasts differentiate and promote bone building while also suppressing the re-absorption of osteoclasts. It worked well.

Next they found that could get the nanoparticles to help build bone in young living mice. Now in a new study they tried to get these nanoparticles to reverse bone loss in aged mice in a model of osteoporosis in elderly humans. Weekly injections of nanoparticles resulted in a significant increase in BMD, bone volume, and biochemical markers of bone formation.”

What’s even better, they couldn’t identify any abnormalities resulting from the treatment. Further studies will be conducted to see if this ability to halt and even repair age-associated bone loss might also work in humans.

As of now, broken hips in elderly women tend to lead to death within a year for many. Imagine being able to treat people before they develop a life-threatening broken hip–thus extending their lives with the greater independence that is the hallmark of higher quality of life. Read further evidence on that in the doctor’s treatise on end-of-life issues, Being Mortal. Highly recommended if you care or may have to care for elders or are getting there yourself.