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Baby teeth – new source for stem cells

Tooth-Care (Photo credit: Lutz-R. Frank)

Researchers have recently found they can create stem cells taken non-invasively from tissues found in teeth. “These stem cells can be isolated and grown under defined tissue culture conditions, and are potential cells for use in tissue engineering, including, dental tissue, nerves and bone regeneration.”

This press release mentions a concern that people might start yanking their kids’ teeth out for money. I guess you have to mention the weird fears when you put out information about a new discovery. But happily, no scary dental visit is needed. The manufacturer rushes to point out that its method will preserve a baby tooth that fell out all by itself for up to 5 days. That gives you plenty of time to get it to a lab while the blood-flowing parts are still operating.

Bravo! Scientists continue to discover new ways to use nature’s own approaches to healing. What a great time to be alive.

And I’m going to bet the tooth fairy may have to up her game a bit on this one…