They call it the "dark side" of the body

I was just mentioning in an earlier post how I’ve been noticing that the same substance that helps our bodies is often the culprit in damaging them, too. Lo and behold, here’s an article about this very phenomenon–and what drug developers can take from the ideas.

Compounds called “lipoxin analogs, are now being eyed as candidates for drug development, having shown great promise in quelling disease-associated inflammation in animal studies of dermatitis, asthma, kidney disease and now gum disease and cystic fibrosis.”:

Pretty impressive array of conditions this one item may be able to help. Strange, that this phenomenon seems to reflect one of the most ancient beliefs about the human spirit: that the bad in us is only an aberrant version of the good. Now what I’m going to be looking for is a theory that will compare the physiological healing substances with the psychological healing methods we’ve discovered. Should be an interesting contrast–and may hold some very special and powerful secrets.