US/China Pharmaceutical parntership to develop Septic Shock Drug

Medinox and PUMC Pharmaceutical Company Agree to Collaborate on Developing NOX-100 Septic Shock Drug in China and South Korea: Estimated number of septic shock patients is 600,000 in the US and 2 million in China per year; half of those patients die.

“The results of this trial in patients with severe septic shock indicate a beneficial effect for NOX-100 with a possible survival advantage and an excellent safety profile.” Using NO neutralizers to remove dangerously overproduced NO from inflamed tissues yet not affecting the low levels of NO needed for normal ongoing organ functions is a novel approach to therapy.

Just musing here. NO (nitric oxide) plays a big part in inflammation–yet it is an element we need in our bodies. This seems to be a profile for lots of human diseases. Something that’s natural and necessary gets out of control. Actually that sounds like a formula that could fit dysfunction at several levels…physiological, mental and business-wise.