In vitro fertilization is de rigeur–stem cell reseach will soon be

It’s being said at every level. But this quote from a story in the website says it quite well so I’ll just include the whole thing…

“Ken Paigen, the longtime director of the Jackson Lab (a Maine bioscience lab that does IVF) and now a senior researcher there, estimates that there must be several million surplus embryos in freezers in the United States by now. ‘Using even a few hundred or a thousand of these with donors’ permission would be a breakthrough.’ He puts the matter this way: ‘Once they are no longer needed, tens or even hundreds of thousands of human embryos are destroyed every year in in vitro fertilization clinics, but by order of the president we can’t use our NIH (National Institutes of Health) support to use them for stem cell research, even when the donors want us to. This is pure hypocrisy, blocking efforts that have the potential to alleviate great human suffering. Any parent with a diabetic child, any adult with a parent suffering from Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease should be in revolt.'”

And in the same vein, Harvard researchers are now asking permission of their ethics board to clone human embryos for the express purpose of removing their stem cells for research and then destroying the blastocytes (as embryos that have not been implanted are called). Some scientists believe the cells from cloned embryos are better for research (because they are able to recreate and extract the stem cells that contain the genetic ID for specific diseases like Parkinson’s. But the President has asked Congress to expressly forbid cloning human embryos.

So, do you suppose the world is flat after all? Or will we eventually admit that this science is miraculously promising and just get going?