It's coming–Internet access through your electrical outlets

Yep. Affordable networks for every business owner and every research lab, for every person in each office or conference room. Most of us have telephones in a lot of rooms, but unless you have a wireless network–including routers and cards for every computer–you can’t have Internet access for every person with a computer.

But soon you will be able to do just that without routers or cards. And I suspect it’s going to change the nature of the business day for those who can use the Internet for their work. How has having “instant” Internet access all day changed the way you conduct your day? Too much attention to email might be one way–and/or giving better customer service because you CAN respond immediately. Knowing important news more quickly is another–and maybe making better strategic decisions because of it.

Read more about why the FCC has changed its mind and BPL (broadband over powerlines) and how the competition is reacting on