Anti-inflammatory drug has benefits for type 2 diabetes

An inexpensive NSAID drug called salsalate is already being used to safely and effectively treat arthritis. Now it’s been discovered this anti-inflammatory drug reduces blood sugar in addition to lowering inflammation. Type 2 diabetes patients may get big benefits from these effects. Ironically, this blood-sugar-lowering side effect of salicylates was discovered 150 years ago–and no one thought much of it.

An earlier study by the same researcher found this drug might even prevent type 2 diabetes via the same mechanisms. Several large scale clinical trials are underway, and in one test, patients also experienced a significant lowering of trigylcerides and free fatty acids, both of which can contribute to complications of type 2 diabetes.

Wow. This seems kind of like taking aspirin to cure a lifelong, debilitating disease, and having it work–and not wreck your stomach while it’s at it.