Baby boomer wave may be the salvation of the environment

It’s Monday already in Pakistan. The Daily News, a Pakistan online daily news journal, reports that continuing exposure to noise raises heart attack risk by 140 percent. Air pollution raises the number of hospitalizations for susceptible people (especially those who’ve had previous heart attacks).

When we baby boomers were young and resilient, the medical community didn’t focus on this sort of thing. Now that the huge crop of post-war babies is reaching the sensitive 50-plus age range (and probably a lot of the medical professionals fit in this category), research is beginning to laser in on the environmental factors that cause greater risks to those becoming more vulnerable to damage and disease.

I’m glad to hear this. With the baby boomer flood of people comes the power of mass consumer spending. If it takes a business focus–where will this mass of folks want to spend their money–to finally make the human race pay attention to what it’s doing to the environment, we all–especially our children and grandchildren–will be the beneficiaries.