Calcium has preventive and healing value in stroke

A second study has confirmed an earlier one indicating that high blood calcium levels are associated with better outcomes in ischemic stroke patients–and that, at least in rats, infusing a victim with calcium as a treatment seems to improve mortality rates.

Calcium is known to help fight osteoporosis, and it’s thought also to have anticarcinogenic, antihypertensive and hypocholesterolemic properties. More here.

Amazing. I might just have to add this to my list of favorite substances, along with my first favorite nitric oxide. Calcium seems to another natural substance that does so many good things. But then we also hear about calcium deposits which, like the ill effects of NO, can result from too much of a good thing but is usually due to some other action–like deficiencies in magnesium or vitamin D. Here’s more on calcium.

Well, don’t have time to look up more about calcium today. Will put it on my watch list, though, and see what starts coming up.