Diabetes is spreading in Europe – is there a culprit?

It’s not just Americans who are suffering increased rates of diabetes–a life-threatening disease that can also dramatically change the quality of a person’s life. Attendees at the recent European Society of Cardiology meeting heard about a study that uncovered it in a significant percentage of people chosen to test a heart drug. “Of 43,500 people screened for inclusion into a major heart drug trial — of whom only 20 percent already had cardiovascular disease — approximately 1 in 5 had previously undiagnosed type 2 diabetes… Diabetes is linked not only to eye, kidney and nerve damage but also with much worse outcomes from heart problems and clogged arteries.”

Why is this frightening disease apparently spreading so rapidly? Could corn have something to do with it? A local holistic healer in northeast Ohio is telling his patients that the corn industry is always successfully lobbying to keep corn syrup as an ingredient in nearly every processed food we buy–thus providing us with a hidden source of sugary calories that we’re generally not even aware of consuming. Naturally, this can contribute to obesity, which is strongly linked to diabetes and its pre-cursor, impaired glucose tolerance.

Now that I think of it, don’t they feed corn to cattle to make them fat?