Exhaled NO shows e-cigarettes too good to be true

CIGARETTE (Photo credit: Fried Dough)

As an ex-smoker I was intrigued when I heard about the new “smokeless” cigarette as an alternative to the devastatingly addictive habit of tobacco smoking. I wondered if it was truly possible to essentially hang on to your habit and not suffer the consequences.

Recent research says definitively not.

Italian researchers tested a small group of subjects for rates of exhaled nitric oxide (NO) – considered to be an accurate gauge of whether airways are inflamed – and found that e-smokers’ lungs were just as short on exhaled NO as those of tobacco smokers’. In fact, there were indications that nicotine-laced e-cigarettes actually deposited more particles in the lungs than real cigarette smoke.

So, unlike usingĀ methadone for stabilizing people with addictions, the e-cure could be turning out to be worse than what it’s replacing.