Half-hearted rule to fight polluted air in national parks

This is depressing.

“There is little doubt haze is a major problem in many of the nation’s most treasured places – haze reduces natural visibility distances by as much as 25 miles in the eastern United States and 90 miles in some western parks.”

Guess I didn’t realize that pollution has spread so far. This new rule was jammed into place to meet some deadline and environmentalists say it’s pretty worthless. Gives polluters tons of leeway–which means we can count on the pollution to continue.

“The facilities covered by the rule each have the potential to emit more than 250 tons a year of visibility impairing pollution, including fine particulate matter (PM2.5), sulfur dioxides, nitrogen oxides and some volatile organic compounds.”

Oh, and let’s not even think about what this crud does to your lungs…

Better hurry out and visit your nearest national park before you can’t find it anymore in the smog.