Heart specialists discuss state of the art – watch the webcast

I love the world of doctors. Writing medical materials has pretty much convinced me that medical professionals must spend a great deal of their training time just learning alternate terms for ordinary things–like “coronary” for “arteries to your heart.”

Anyway, four highly respected members of the cardiovascular [heart and blood vessels] community are holding forth at a conference in Alberta, Canada on the “serious medical repercussions of ischemic reperfusions [oxygen-deprived blood flow] injury leading to acute coronary syndromes [heart attacks and other heart problems], Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (CABG) and other cardiovascular interventions (heart operations).”

If you’d like to hear the webcast today go to the Medicure website at www.medicureinc.com, then click on the link found on the home page: http://events.onlinebroadcasting.com/medicure/101304.