Kids who snore more likely to have behavior issues

This is huge. How many little children–especially boys–are being dosed with drugs to take care of what’s been getting called a disease (ADHD)? There’s mounting evidence that a lot of hyperactive behaviors can be attributed to poor sleep.

In this study researchers followed a couple of hundred kids and families. The link between early snoring and later hyperactivity was powerful indeed–all snoring kids were twice as likely to have behavior issues, but boys were four times more likely to do so. \

Substance abuse counselors have known for years that some of the irrational inappropriate behaviors of addicts during non-drugged times can be attributed at least in part to the poor quality of sleep–alcohol and other drugs disturb brain patterns, alter the order and length of sleep cycles, and often interrupt sleep. Anxiety, depression and other emotional issues can all be brought on by poor sleep.

How many kids are we dosing with Ritalin et al. and how many adults with Prozac and other antidepressants when all they might need need is a good night’s sleep?