Less invasive–less dangerous–way to test for heart disease

It’s been around for only a little while, but now some Seattle physicians are saying using CT angiography (computed tomography of the blood vessels around the heart) is really valuable for evaluating patients potentially at risk for coronary heart disease–and that it will save money and save lives as well. “Every year in the United States about 1.4 million invasive, expensive cardiac catheterizations are performed to evaluate for heart disease.” These procedures increase the risk of stroke and of damaging the vessels you’re trying to see. The new technique has none of those risks, is far less traumatic to the patient, and costs a great deal less money.

Not everyone will be a good candidate, they say, but you should know about this option when you talk with your personal physician or cardologist.

Less invasive testing is an exciting trend that many researchers are trying to follow. What a blessing to those already struggling with disease to at least get a break on the front end. Now if we can just keep up the trend of finding less invasive ways to harvest stem cells and apply those to more and more conditions, we’ll be well on our way to the science fiction world of taking a pill, or touching a button, or entering a quiet chamber to cure all our ills.

Wonder what we’ll start dying of then….

Happy Thanksgiving to all the U.S. folks who celebrate…