Mental activity protects aging brains–yeah, but…

Yes, we’ve heard it lots of times. Keeping mentally challenged and socially connected makes a big positive difference in how sharp your mind remains as you grow older.

But now there’s also some new strong evidence that not only does it keep you sharp, it may actually prevent you from showing signs of Alzheimer’s even though all the typical deterioration has occured in your brain.

Small study, dramatic findings. I predict the idea that disease is present in human beings much more often than it manifests is going to get really big traction in the near future. It fits perfectly with the ideas of the alternative medicine people, the quantum physicists, and a host of holistic healers of every stripe…those being that mind and body are inseparable and that our attitudes and our spirits have great power over our physical side.

Our medical school curriculum is in for some new material in the near future.