Migraine specialist attracting good research group

A doctor who himself suffered from frequent, debilitating migraine headaches from childhood on, has an office in California that’s a popular place to visit for other migraine sufferers–because he’s curing them, and he’s conducting research–pretty much never done before–at the same time.Ventura County Star: Ojai His program is linked with the molecular neurology program at Huntington Medical Research Institutes in Pasadena where scientists are studying migraine as well as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and schizophrenia.

Biofeedback, stress control, relaxation are among the treatments considered most successful. I have a friend who suffered migraines several times a week for decades. As soon as he changed careers–and got out of his in-laws’ business–he stopped having them. Amazing that we unconsciously create so much of our own suffering.

But knowing that chemicals and other substances in our bodies are responsible for both good effects and bad ones, it’s easier to believe that we have the power to infuence our health with our thoughts. Lots of books but here’s one specifically on that: Visualization for Change