Moderate nitric oxide aids skin healing

I know it’s an astounding substance, this nitric oxide (NO) that can help with heart problems, erectile dysfunction and a host of other problems. I’ve written a lot about it here. And I knew it helped heal wounds, but I didn’t realize it can be an important component of medications used for skin diseases.

It only makes sense, though, since so many skin problems involve inflammation, and that’s where NO is most active (having both pro- and anti-inflammatory capabilities). This article tells of a new collaborative partnership to develop dermatology treatments for such conditions as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis that will avoid some of the side effects of previous high-potency treatments.

I can’t help but get excited when I hear about yet another beneficial use for NO. It’s a constant reminder to me of how truth occurs on multiple levels, if only we open our eyes to it. This naturally occurring substance does so many good things, yet too much nitric oxide in some cases can be damaging. Sounds a lot like what the philosophers have been telling us for eons–everything in moderation.

And just to keep it light, here’s an amusing account of what members of medieval society thought about moderation as applied to beer and wine consumption