Nanostructures like Diamonds can deliver cancer drugs precisely

Nano looks like it may provide a newly precise way of aiming only at cancer cells and avoiding inflammation, thus leaving healthy cells in their natural state. Nanoengineers Mine Tiny Diamonds For Drug Delivery. Fascinating to learn that these “diamonds,” which are structurally not unlike their namesake minerals, are welcomed by cells because they are so carefully organized. When cells welcome a substance, according to this report, they tend not to go haywire and express it with inflammation. Hmmm. Seems like a big useful clue in that statement for future researchers.

The technique here is to cluster several nanodiamonds together, apply the drug to the surfaces (which allows more drug to be used than with the spherical nanoparticles currently used), deliver it to the cancer site, and there let it break up–which then releases the drug.

They’ve even found that they can deliver nanodiamonds (without drugs) into the body and no harm comes to surrounding cells. These new guys could become the next-generation stem-cell-type magic.