New weight-loss-aid drug looks promising even for youth

I’m writing a piece on diabetes for my client and this item caught my eye–a fairly new drug (brand Name Olistat) has undergone some serious testing with adolescents and come out looking very helpful for overweight adolescents.

Here’s what the NIH has to say about it: MedlinePlus Drug Information: Orlistat

The interesting part is that the drug should NOT be used with a meal that’s extremely high in fat (more than 30%), so the abusive scenario of a kid taking a drug after stuffing him or herself with triple-decker bacon cheesburgers is unlikely. The physiological repercusionss of such misuse are very unpleasant.

I don’t much like the idea of kids using drugs. But diabetes is irreversible–it’s a lifelong sentence to having to watch everything you eat like a hawk. That’s not easy for anybody to manage, let alone youngsters. If this drug can be used to help kids learn better eating habits–and avoid the endless suffering of having to live with diabetes– until they’re old enough to manage the stress of their lives that’s likely part of their problem, I think I’m for it.