Nitric-oxide boosting drug saves African American lives

Exciting, incredible, “political incorrect” discovery. Adding a combination of a couple of older drugs to the current heart medications increases longevity by 40% for African Americans being treated for heart disease–while it does nothing for white people. Here’s an quote from this student-operated online newspaper called “The MNDaily”:

:…blacks seem to be more predisposed to heart disease than whites because some unknown factors — genetic, environmental or both — predispose them to having less active nitric oxide systems, which are protective of the heart and arteries. BiDil [the new combo drug] contains nitric oxide enhancers” which two university researchers suspect will make the drug more effective for African Americans. They’re out to get FDA approval and getting flack from various quarters for even suggesting that drugs might be race specific.

The students of the University of Minneapolis who run the paper call for the medical and legal communities to quit beating around the bush and admit that there can be physiological differences between the races–without implying there are differences on which discrimination might be based.