No more film?

It makes sense. Digital technology is fast replacing everything from film photographs to taped music. The Disney studios are saying that the movie theater format is next to go:

“I’m referring to digital cinema. In today’s world you go to a theater to view a piece of 35-millimeter film that uses an intense light source behind it to project onto a big screen. The notion of shipping, warehousing, reclaiming, restoring, and destroying reels of film will one day, potentially sometime in our lifetime, become obsolete.

This will happen in favor of a digital system where everything from the way the camera captures the image, through the method the content is edited and cut into a final product, to the manufacturing process for distribution, which will most likely occur on DVDs, distributed through satellite or another form of terrestrial distribution. [It’s] all to be determined. It will have a dramatic impact on supplier relationships and infrastructure supporting all that supply chain. “

Applications for scientists and researchers and physicians are sure to precede those of the entertainment industry.