Obesity increase–a reflection of the baby boomer wave?

“In the early 1970s, 22.5 percent of people with incomes below $25,000 (in 2000 dollars) were obese. By 2002, 32.5 percent of the poor were. Just 9.7 percent of people with incomes above $60,000 were obese in the 1970s, but that jumped to 26.8 percent in 2002.”

So says a report to the American Heart Association.

Partly, this increase is due to a larger number of older people having higher incomes (the successful baby boomers), but at the same time the incidence of diabetes has been climbing dramatically, so it’s not all a case of numbers. Some nurses, chiropractors and alternative health professionals are convinced that the use of corn syrup in virtually all our processed foods is secretly contributing to the “unhealth” of America. Read your labels and see what you think.