Partners developing device to vaporize liquid for respiratory care

Vapore and PARI Partner to Develop Medical Device “Vapore has developed a new breakthrough method of liquid vaporization called the capillary force vaporizer (CFV), a compact, heat-powered disc that generates a powerful jet of pressurized vapor from un-pressurized liquid–with no moving parts. PARI’s medical devices will integrate Vapore’s CFV to provide a compact precision vapor generator.” The CFV combines capillary force and phase transition–two ‘natural phenomena’–to produce a controllable flow of vapor that’s simple to deliver and doesn’t rely on environmentally harmful aerosol propellants. (Never fear, you other non-scientific readers out there. I have a question in to an official medical source to find out what the heck “phase transition” means–and while I was at it I thought I’d ask what the technical meaning of capillary force is–we all know what capillaries are but it’s not absolutely clear what the ‘force’ is about).

First, the hair care people figured out how to quit using those bad spray propellants a long time ago. And then the HVAC manufacturers got rid of freon in air conditioners quite a few years ago. It’s really good news to hear that investigators have found a way to deliver medicine to a person’s lungs that also doesn’t offend the environment–or the person’s lungs.