Patients don't always receive all standard accepted treatments

Interesting to learn that during a certain period (1997 to 2000), many hospitals were giving at least some of the accepted treatment options for brain tumor cancers (gliomas). But according to a 2005 report on the National Cancer Institue‘s site, many of them either didn’t know about the rest or were simply not delivering them.

Communication in today’s world is so easy. But it still requires that the recipient have the time and energy to pay attention to the communication and then do what’s required. Often easier said than done. And whole countries can be guilty of missing the boat… Saw a post today on the Mesothelioma Advice blog that indicated Korea just began publicly recognizing the dangers of asbestos last year–after decades of other countries’ publicly banning its use.

At any rate, a recent clinical trial is testing a new approach for treating gliomas–injecting a drug candidate called Cintredekin Besudotox directly into the brain via catheter. Early results are promising for extending lifespan. We trust that if this new drug passes FDA testing it will be added to the standard regimen at all cancer facilities.