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Know what you’re getting into – new programs to prep nanotech technicians

University of Washington quad in Spring
University of Washington quad in Spring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Leave it to Seattle, the hotbed of software programming geniuses. Its local North Seattle Community College has invented a new certificate program and a new 2-year degree called AAS-T, Associate of Applied Science in Nanotechnology.  They’re collaborating with the University of Washington, which has comprehensive nanotech facilities, to prepare bunches of young people to become skilled technicians and fill an expected large number of jobs in the field of nano.

I’d advise anyone thinking of taking the program to conduct due diligence on the safety of working with nanofibers. See my earlier post on the length of inhaled fibers that lead to lung diseases. And get formal written assurances from the schools.

Remember, for decades many companies did not tell their workers about the dangers of asbestos fibers until the law forced them.

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