The wisdom of the subconscious

I have long been a believer in the power of my inner wisdom to guide me. In fact, in the book I co-authored with Brian Tracy and other thought leaders, I suggest that to know the deepest reasons for being in your business, you do a simple meditation exercise and when possible, perform it before you go to sleep at night.

Now a group of Dutch scientists has put together an experiment proving that people tend to make better decisions about complex matters after “sleeping on it” than they do after spending hours trying to evaluate every factor.

From Einstein to quantum physics, from solving a ponderous life problem like “should I get married to this person?” to coming up with the right opening for a scientific white paper (as I often do after I’ve slept on it), our subconscious is a great power that’s completely at our disposal if we only learn to access it.

I wrote the eulogies for both my mother and my father when I awoke on the day of their funerals. How could I ever divine the right things to say about them by thinking about it? There was too much water, flowing too fast, beneath those bridges. But when I trusted it to my subconscious mind, the words that came were full of truth and tempered by a deep and benevolent understanding.

It’s nice to know science is putting together hard data to prove that we don’t need to rely on outside sources to learn the truths that will make our lives better.