Plant-based nanofibers don’t harm lungs – unlike carbon nanotubes

Plant-based cellulose nanofibers, as opposed to carbon nanotubes suitable for similar purposes, don’t pose a short-term danger to human lungs, particularly when the fibers are very short. So says a study done as part of National Research Programme “Opportunities and Risks of Nanomaterials” (NRP 64). Rather than experimenting on animals, researchers used human lung tissue in test tubes to develop […]

Nanoparticle exposure linked to heart problems

Asbestos was hailed, even many centuries ago, as a material that could be used to create “miraculous” solutions to multiple problems – it was fireproof, it was flexible, it had tremendous insulating properties, it was easy to manipulate, etc. But it had a powerful, long-unacknowledged dark side. It gradually disabled and then killed people who […]

5 news bits – nitric oxide and nanoparticles

The first item is about nitric oxide (NO) used in testing, and the rest are all about using nanoparticles for delivering things into the human body, including NO. It’s astounding that scientists have found nanotechnology so helpful in these kinds of applications. I just hope more research is done on how safe it is to […]

Finally – Official safety standard for nanotech workers

I’ve written about the similarities in asbestos and nanofibers before – and therefore the similar dangers of the two substances. Asbestos was in use – and slowly killing people – for many hundreds of years before the connection was made between breathing it and dying of asbestosis or mesothelioma decades later. Nanofibers are incredibly strong […]

Know what you’re getting into – new programs to prep nanotech technicians

Leave it to Seattle, the hotbed of software programming geniuses. Its local North Seattle Community College has invented a new certificate program and a new 2-year degree called AAS-T, Associate of Applied Science in Nanotechnology.  They’re collaborating with the University of Washington, which has comprehensive nanotech facilities, to prepare bunches of young people to become […]

Danger from nanoparticles may depend on length of fibers

I’ve been worrying about potential danger from these guys ever since I first heard about them. Now comes some research indicating strongly that nanoparticles/nanofibers could be deadly to humans who are exposed to them. This particular research shows that it may be the length of the fibers that’s critical to whether they might eventually induce disease. […]

Mouse studies say nanoparticle-delivered drugs can be targeted

Reports are all over the Internet about a recent study using nanoparticles as additions to vaccines that target lymph nodes. The study has found that, at least in mice, these nano-loaded treatments can boost antibody- and immune responses against lethal infections. The Duke University team that did the study says their loaded nanoparticles closely mimic […]

Getting nanotechnology in perspective

As with most things, everybody has an agenda when it comes to nano, according to the former CEO of a Chicago nanomaterials manufacturer. The people who make the materials are concerned of course with profitability and with observing all the laws and regulations governing worker safety. The scientists want funding for research and legislation requiring […]