Alchemical solutions the result of quantum discoveries?

I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to read about this kind of thing. In Japan, scientists have been busily figuring out how to get rid of nuclear waste by transmuting it. That is, disposing of radioactive waste by breaking it down into less-damaging components.

I put this in the same category as non-invasive surgical procedures and stem cell therapies–this is where we’re supposed to be going. This is what science is all about–discovering and cooperating with the magic of nature rather than inventing ways to combat it.

I could be dreaming, but it seems to me that science has largely broken free of many old restraints since physicists discovered the quantum factor. After quantum physics demonstrated unequivocally that the observer normally finds what he or she is looking for, it became clear that science was looking in painfully limited ways at how to find solutions.

Now the dam is broken, and everyone is realizing that nature itself contains the power to heal. That we don’t always have to think of ways to kill things; perhaps all we have to do is think of ways to harness our body’s own capabilities.

I feel blessed to be living in this age of wondrous breakthroughs in our approaches to medicine and healing. We are dumping bleeding-with-leeches attitudes left and right. Thank God–just in time for my old age…