He said, you said, I said

You know the old saying: You can make statistics say anything you want. In the case of research studies, the same thing is true–all you have to do is leave out one small but significant factor and the results you get won’t be worth a dime…unless of course no one remembers to ask about that missing factor. If no one does, then you can probably sell millions of books and make money in a hundred other ways if your “discovery” is exciting enough.

Now take the idea–“proven” in study after study–that drinking moderately can be good for you. Here come some scientists who decided to ask the control non-drinking group why they don’t drink. Ouch. Down the drain goes the lovely idea that drinking a little bit of alcohol every day is good for your heart.

Well, evidence is in that your heart is more than just an organ–it’s the very control center of you. It has the power to raise or reduce your stress levels and can literally make you healthier when it’s calm and peaceful.

So I say, if a little bit of alcohol makes you calmer and more at peace, go for it and the studies be damned.