How hard do you knock?

Incredible. I wrote some time ago about an all-natural compound that’s used to neutralize odor and deactivate bad microorganisms on garbage. It was used to great effect in the cleanup of the tsunami–and the implication is that it could be extremely helpful in the aftermath of Katrina.

Late last night a sales representative from a company that sells this product commented on that blog entry that he and his company have been trying to talk to the U.S. government and state and local governments about it:

“…trying to reach the US government agencies since the Sunday before Hurricane Katrina hit. After contacting each state Governor, FEMA, The America Red Cross, the state Emergency Management Agencies, the US Senators from each state, etc., we still have not received even a reply. It has been 7 days!”

I don’t know about you, but as someone who’s done my fair share of selling, this non-responsiveness sounds like status quo to me.

As a bio-entrepreneur, how many doors have you knocked on–and for how long–to tell them about a product that could dramatically change their lives, do them good, and/or even pump up their bottom line–and they would not even give you a hearing?

Governments are no different. Read the blog and the comment (scroll to the bottom).