Indian experts say radiation from mobile phone towers is bad

Indian health officials declare waves and radiations from mobile phone towers potentially dangerous to the hearts and/or brains of those in the vicinity. Officials from India’s Health Services %28DHS%29 and head of the Neurology Department at PGI%2C raised the safety issue at a public meeting that included, among others, the country’s Air Force and its Department of Telecom %28DoT%29.

The neurologist said that the horizontal area within 30 meters (about 100 ft.) of the towers is not safe, and that protective gear must be worn by anyone going within 3 meters (about 10 feet). Some U.S. scientists disagree: Here’s a report on ElectroMagnetic Fields and Human Health by a professor of Radiation Oncology at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Where does the truth lie? Like everything we discover and put to good use (who could live without cell phones nowadays?), there are often hidden costs against life that we a) don’t catch at all, or b) seriously underestimate.

Walking the middle line and keeping the balance is all we can ask of our scientists, inventors and investigators.