Partnership a good model for entrepreneurs

Quinton Cardiology Systems will sell Cardiac Science’s Professional Model AED Under Burdick Brand Name A company with a powerful distribution system agrees to sell another company’s product–a good partnership idea. Mutually beneficial collaboration–rather than every entrepreneur for herself–is surely a strong way to lower costs, increase efficiency, and gain greater market share–all the stuff all companies want to do.

This new model, CardioVive DM(TM), lets medical professionals see the patient’s heart rhythm on a built-in high resolution color electrocardiogram (ECG) display. Professional users can deliver defibrillation shocks either semi-automatically or manually if the patient has a sudden cardiac arrest. Other cool features include “continuous cardiac monitoring capability via an ECG patient cable, multiple rescue data storage, clear and comprehensive AED and CPR voice prompts, infrared data transfer and optional rechargeable battery.”

Voice prompts–I like that–that’s a trend, I’ll wager. Tech writers in future will be writing scripts instead of long, stuffy sets of documentation.